The Kitchen is Clearly Spectacular, and the Indoor Pool? This Log Cabin is Out of a Dream


3. The Kitchen is Clearly Spectacular, and the Indoor Pool? This Log Cabin is Out of a Dream

Having a nice looking kitchen and dining hall will inspire you more to cook meals for your family. If this area in your house is dull, don’t be surprised to notice that you might be ordering take out more often than you’d like. The ambiance has a lot to do with it, and if you’re in the mood to change it. This rustic style kitchen is one of the best home renovations you’ll see, and its sure to inspire you for a kitchen renovation of your own. This kitchen looks vintage yet classy with a touch of modern style. It is sophisticated. Obtaining this kind of home design for your kitchen has just become easier with the many companies out there who are willing to make this happen for you. A little bit of patience in finding them will go a long way.

When it comes to kitchen and home remodels and renovations, its wise to shop around and find someone who has a good reputation. It also helps to remember that you get what you pay for, so if you are in need of a renovation but don’t have a large renovation, consider taking it one room at a time. You have to start somewhere, and in this case, it all started in the kitchen of this 8,000 square foot Nevada home design. The spectacular kitchen renovation at the heart of this 8,000 square-foot home design is located in Incline Village, Nevada.

The renovation was inspired by the designers’ integration of mountain elements and imaginative treatments of everyday conveniences, with the homeowners expanding the renovation project to include the entire home. The result is a beautiful home design that is refreshed and provides the ultimate space to spend time with family and friends. This amazing and imaginative home design started with a structural and kitchen remodel and became so much more. This successful collaboration came about by first establishing the customer’s expectations early, and then being flexible and knowledgeable enough to move with the owners when they evolve.

The entire 8,000 square feet of the home was retrofitted because the original structure was not sound. The construction team remodelled an indoor pool and spa with an integral water feature. The construction team worked in cooperation with a skilled woodcraft artist, and the woodworking shop. This stunning home renovation covered nearly every surface in the home design with custom wood finishes throughout, from birch paneling in one of the guest rooms to reclaimed barn wood in another room. The kitchen bar is from tree stumps, and another has dangling roots that are delicately intertwined with the staircase to the lower level. There is a children’s room paneled with wood logs that help to create a camp-like feel. The home has beautiful glass room divider panels that are etched with images of aspen tress that glide effortlessly open to expose the entire indoor-outdoor pool to the cozy family room. Other custom finishes in this renovation include natural stone and integral color plaster.



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