This Tiny House Looks Like A Big Log From The Outside. The Inside? ENCHANTING!


6. Word association time! When I say “Swedish,” what do you think of? Swedish…meatballs? Swedish Fish? The Swedish chef from The Muppets?

ABBA? Vikings? The book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? That tall drink of Absolut vodka known as Alexander Skarsgård?

Now you can add another associative word to the never-ending list of awesome things Swedes have contributed to the world — tiny houses that look like logs!

Yup, those innovative Swedes — who are also responsible for the inexpensive clothing store H&M and everyone’s favorite monkey-befriending, pirate-fighting, pig-tailed ginger, Pippi Longstocking — are really into building cool, efficient, and contemporary-looking tiny homes that look like large logs lost in an enchanted forest.

Out latest find, which is pretty stunning from the outside, has an even more enthralling interior. What does it look like? We’ll give you a hint: nothing like an Ikea.

In fact, just stepping inside this home transports you to another world…

Perched above a creek near Lake Övre Gla in Sweden, this tiny log home is only 200 square feet.



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