He Built A Tiny House Out Of Shipping Containers In A Very Holy Shape!


5. He Built A Tiny House Out Of Shipping Containers In A Very Holy Shape!

We’ve seen some incredible tiny homes on this website, but the visionary architect Dachi Papuashvili has taken it to a whole new level with this fully self-sustainable cross shaped house.

This home, titled Skit 2104, is intended for habitation by one person. Specifically, Papuashvili imagined that it could be a great spiritual habitat, perhaps even for a clergyman. The home is suitable as a permanent dwelling place, but can also be temporary quarters used for fasting or as a spiritual retreat from the world. The fourth floor is its own dedicated prayer room.

Using shipping containers clad in wood, the entire building can be assembled off-site to minimize any site disturbance.

Solar panels and a rainwater catchment system allow this stunning piece of construction to be off-the-grid.

The prayer room rests at the highest point of the cross with living quarters including bedroom, office and kitchen space directly below on the third floor. The second floor features a bio-toilet and shower and the first floor being reserved for solar panel batteries, storage and composting.

Papuashvili has won numerous architecture awards in his native Georgia and hopes to build the first prototype of this inspirational house in 2015. We hope he gets the funding so this truly one-of-a-kind vision can see the light of day!



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