8 fascinating power #vanlife couples: see what happiness on the road looks like


Living small actually allows you to live grander and fulfill your dreams! Whatever led to the off grid lifestyle, one thing comes up over and over: we don’t need many things in our life to find happiness.

With that in mind, here’s a list of inspiring couples living on the road. You should follow their one-of-a-kind journey and take a look at their fascinating travel pictures.

Victor and Eva

Victor and Eva from Barcelona, Spain

Victor and Eva felt like leaving their comfort zone to live a different experience. They left their lovely city of Barcelona to work in San Francisco. They still felt tied to their 9 to 5 jobs, so they decided to move into a 2003 Dodge Ram they bought from a carpet cleaner.

Once the van was restored, they started to explore the West Coast. Victor is a software developer, so he’s able to work remotely. Eva is a talented artist who finds inspiration to create along the open road. Read their interview here.

Mitch and Cleo

Mitch and Cleo from Sydney, Australia

13Sydney-based photographer Mitch Cox and his beautiful girlfriend Cleo are living the dream in their beautiful self-made van! Cleo is working on her bikini brand « Covered by Cleo ». They both know how to catch the perfect sunset and the best van life moments!

Greg and Michelle

Greg and Michelle from New York City, USA

Greg Mills and his girlfriend both left Long Island to travel across the US in Arabella, a 1982 Turbo Diesel Vanagon. Greg’s photos are so great you won’t be able to stop scrolling. They will be displaying their work in an art gallery in NYC and will launch a book about their travels once they’re be back in their hometown.

Adam and Emily

Adam and Emily from California, USA

Adam, Emily, Coco and Sierra, are a family of four who left for a 12-month life experiment in a Vanagon, and three years later, they are still traveling! Their second child was born in Brasil while they were on the road. Their kids are « road schooled » and their travels brought them all over South America. They manage to always find the best spots to park their rolling home! Read full interview with them here.

Johnny and Jess

Johnny and Jess from Byron Bay, Australia

This Australian power couple has been living a nomadic lifestyle for the past 13 years. With passion for surfing, skating, books, films and music, they’ve been exploring around their country when Johnny is not on tour with his band, Dusty Boots.

Dillon and Tessa

Dillon and Tessa from Alaska, USA
Dillon and Tessa from Alaska, USA

Dillon and Tessa are both natives of small-town Alaska. They share a craving for adventure and getting lost into the wild. They left Hope, Arkansas, in May 2014 and are about to get to Ushuaia sometime this week. Their trip has been incredible to follow, and they still have 11,000 miles to get back home!

James and Rachel

James and Rachel from Florida, USA

James and Rachel have been full-time nomads for almost 4 years in their ’76 yellow bus, Sunshine. Living off video production gigs and harvesting fruits, they’ve visited all 50 states. Their amazing pictures from National parks and Monuments have been a true inspiration for every van owner. Read their interview here.

Mat and Danielle

Mat and Danielle from Ottawa, Canada
Mat and Danielle from Ottawa, Canada

Our friends Mat and Danielle sold all their assets, dreaming of a simpler life. They bought an Econoline that they restored, and they’re focusing on minimalism, healthy living and positive thinking. They’re able to live on an annual budget of $18,000… for both of them! This allows them to travel around North America spreading their contagious joy. Read their interview here!

Corey and Emily

Corey and Emily from New England, USA
Corey and Emily from New England, USA

Corey and Emily moved full-time into Boscha, a white Vanagon, more than 3 years ago. They are among the first van dwellers to share useful tips and stories from their life on the road, and they’ve been driving across the US with their dog Penny Rose. They live off gigs on the road, such as being mountain bike guides to designing websites. Their passion for healthy food, mountain biking, surfing, yoga and dancing has made them famous within the community. Read their full story here.

You can see more from Julien and the awesome Go-Van team on their Instagram and Facebook.

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